Google Penalty Assessment


Are you losing website traffic? Have your site rankings dropped and you have no idea why? A Google penalty could be the problem.


A Google penalty is levied against websites that appear unnatural, exploitative, or over-optimized. Basically, Google worries all the time that people are trying to get the better of them, so a penalty is one of the ways they maintain accuracy.

Ekko Marketing can help. We have a streamlined process for finding and fixing penalties:

  1. If there is a penalty against your website, we’ll find it
  2. Identify and label the kind of penalty issued
  3. Draft a plan of action, including steps that can be taken immediately to resolve the penalty

Once we’ve identified the penalty and implemented a short-term plan to resolve it, we develop a long-term Google penalty strategy that will help you recover, get your website back in compliance, and help set guidelines to prevent any future penalties.

Google Penalties in a Nutshell

Google updates, amends, or modifies its algorithm more than once a day. This means the ingredients and guidelines used to rank sites are constantly up in the air. These changes usually go hand-in-hand with penalties, which indicate to Google that your site is no longer compliant with the new policies. Google penalizes content for duplications and poor quality. They also penalize links that they believe are purchased or inauthentic.

The two kinds of penalties are:

  1. Algorithmic Penalties

Completely automated, Google algorithms detect and flag sites they believe violate the rules of their new policies.

  1. Manual Penalties

These are issued manually by an actual person who reviews your website when Google algorithms are unable to determine if a penalty can be issued.