Turn Your Data Into Useful Information and Track Your ROI
Turning your data into useful information can be challenging. The analytics experts at Ekko Marketing make it easy for you to make sense of the numbers and perfect your marketing strategies. It is important to evaluate which campaigns are working best, and tweaking or phasing out those that are underperforming. We have a host of analytical tools to help utilize each dollar from your marketing budget.
Ekko Marketing works in tandem with your business every step of the way, with reporting that yields proven results for our clients.

Analytics & Reporting Tools

Our team employs a variety of tools, each with a specific purpose, based on the individual needs of your business:

  • Customized Reporting: Our reports are easy to interpret, and can be as comprehensive as they need to be for your business. Some companies need lots of data analyzed, and our job is to help organize and manage all of it.
  • Industry Trends: Keeping track of trends in your industry means capitalizing on those that exist today and planning for others in the future. It also creates ongoing opportunities to distinguish your business and your brand from the competition.
  • Analytics Software & Apps: Our team will determine which analytics tools and apps work best for your business and install them. Using the right software is important, and setting up a workflow that pulls the right data on your visitors is key to success.
  • Google Analytics: We help train the members of your team to work with Google Analytics and utilize the tools that are best for your company.
  • Team Building: We think it’s important for all businesses to develop an invaluable understanding of the numbers. That’s why we help guide you through the reporting process and train your team to analyze data on your marketing campaigns.

Let Ekko Marketing Handle Your Analytics and Reporting

  • We use data-driven solutions that help maximize ROI of your marketing strategies.
  • Tailored analytics and reporting that defines your objectives and then helps achieve them.
  • Data Diversity: We glean from a variety of measurement tools that help paint a clear picture of your marketing efforts.
  • Training for your team to help them understand the data and become self-sufficient.
  • Reports that change with your business, so when you evolve, so does your marketing strategy.

We cut out the noise from analytics so you hear what matters to grow your business.
When it comes to data, quality is better than quantity. Rather than casting a wide net, Ekko Marketing helps track specific metrics and resolves any conflicting data along the way. Our extensive work with Google Analytics and Adwords makes it easy to set up the best marketing campaigns, and continuously monitoring their progress through their lifecycle. Let us help you reach your audience, and together we can find ways to increase your business exponentially.