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April 2014

Creativity and Connection: Social Media Campaigns that Work

Social media marketing is all about giving consumers content that makes them want to share it with their friends. But you can’t just create a video and put it up on Youtube expecting it to go viral—you need to offer something worth talking about. Successful social media campaigns are equal parts creativity and connection, and […]

March 2014

Driven to Succeed: 9 traits that set successful people apart

What is success? To some it means earning a lot of money. To others it means making their own choices and living life on their own terms. But no matter how you define success, successful people share some pretty incredible characteristics.
They know what they want
Successful people know what they want. Without this basic understanding, there […]

February 2014

6 easy ways to improve SEO with Google Plus

Every business needs to use social media. And while Facebook and Twitter are great for building improve your SEO.
Getting personal
The obvious way Google Plus affects search results is through personalization: if someone is following you on Google Plus, they will most likely see your posts in their Google search results. And anyone who follows […]

April 2011

Frequently asked Search Marketing Questions

Why doesn’t your site rank number one if you are an SEO company?

Often times the keyword that you are looking for is not necessarily a term that our company is trying to rank and therefore we may or may not rank for that term.
In comparison to a number of other fields, we are competing […]

March 2011

Google Future Ideas

With stocks trading for $600 per share and a total company value approaching $200 billion, Google is one of the largest corporate players today. Google’s novel approach allowed the company to grow to a tremendous size with a working capital of only $9 million. Although the company resisted strategies competitors embraced, Google caught up, launching […]

Enterprise Management Solutions

Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, has been revolutionizing the way businesses manage digital content for decades. ECM was originally designed to handle content that was non-numeric, such as images, documents, Web pages, and more. ECM gives context to content, allowing organizations to create, distribute, publish, and secure information in real-time with a comprehensive knowledge of […]

Extricity Management Solutions and Marketing Strategies

Since 1996, Extricity has been developing successful end-to-end data and business management solutions to help businesses save time and money by linking enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise application integration (EAI), and relevant data between companies and trading partners. Using advanced XML technology, Extricity B2BRM solutions effectively communicate data within companies and to trading partners throughout […]

Inbound Marketing – Why Direction Matters

On March 8, 2011, a massive $32 billion investment was made by power-players Google, Sequoia, and Salesforce into a company called Hubspot. Why? Because Hubspot is at the forefront of one of the most powerful new trends on the Internet – inbound marketing.

What’s inbound marketing? It’s all of that “free” traffic that websites get from […]

Going Socially Viral – Why This Form of Marketing Doesn't Need a Cure

In most cases, something viral is something to avoid, but when it comes to the Internet, going viral is the quickest way to get a message out to the masses. The concept is simple – person “X” sees something they like and sends it to two friends, who both send it to two more, who […]

Putting the Sale in Social Media – Why Corporations Need to Care

As of February of 2010, 33% of users on Facebook were fans of a brand in addition to simply making friends and trading photos. Further, predictions abound that by 2014, over 165 million users will be on some form of social networking website.

For a corporation looking to make its mark in the new internet […]