About Ekko Marketing

Why Us?

Ekko Marketing is a fast growing web development company serving small to large businesses in the Great Toronto Area and Canada. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), E-Commerce Website Development, Social Media Optimization (SMO), brand reputation management and Online Public relations.

Quality & Transparency

Our origins.

Ekko Marketing was founded in 2007, and dedicate our internet marketing services to providing you with exceptional web marketing services that will increase your visibility online! Our services have helped many small to large sized businesses grow their online presence and has lead them to be very successful on the internet. The collaborative efforts of our experienced marketing/e-commerce team assures a high success rate on the internet. Our experience combined with a high level of customer satisfaction ensures working with Ekko Marketing will be positive and beneficial.

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Collaboration on all projects.

Ekko Marketing is a leading provider of online marketing services. We create opportunity for your company to be visible on the internet. We enable our clients to make educated business decisions based on collection of competitive data that creates significant growth opportunity