Optimizing your website for search engines involves structuring site content and structure to make it more relevant to search queries.

By investing in search engine optimization for your business you will become more visible to your clients and can achieve a great return. Guaranteed!

Search engine optimization Optimize website


Search engine optimization Optimize website

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the back bone of your website. Prior, during and after website design, SEO should be considered. SEO is derived from keyword research and link building enabling you to create targeted pages based on those keywords. Simply, SEO will tell a search engine what a specific page is about. eKKO Can help:

  • Create optimized site content
  • Help create optimal site structure for search engines
  • Adjustment of content andt structure based on trends and successes


Optimize your Website for Search Engines

By having a more relevant site you will increase your rank in search engines and therefore your traffic, which can then lead to more revenue. Re-structuring the website and individual pages to include appropriate keywords in the body text, titles, headings and HTML code (META tags) are all part of a proper internet marketing effort.

Link Building

Our Search engine optimization services consist of various types of optimization techniques such as video, image, local search and vertical optimization. One of the most significant factors to rank well within search engines is building links from other sites to yours with rich anchor text. By building links, you are essentially telling search engines that other sites approve of you thereby creating, over time, authority for your site.

Web Pages Targeted to Each Search Terms

Sometimes a website cannot target all desired search terms. Based on the keyword research, we build additional pages in order to help rank for that particular term, search phrase or location.

Local Search Optimization

It is important to be found within the area in which you do business. Many search queries, mobile, at home or at work are targeted specially to a geographic location. As search engines grow and adapt to new trends, local search will become increasingly important.

Web Site Review for SEO Factors

As a gratuitous service, Ekko Marketing will review your website for elements that could be improved both on-site and off-site. A more comprehensive SEO review can them be performed to fine tune the website if the need be.

We offer a number of marketing services. Please contact us.

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