Paid Search

Using services like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing Ad Center, you can see your advertising results instantly at exactly the budget that suits you!


Paid Search



Through services like Google AdWords, Bing AdCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing, you can generate traffic instantly. Paid search marketing often offers an optimal result when you need traffic right now! The idea behind paid search is to have to ability to advertise a specific promotion, product or service in a very short time frame thereby increasing both visibility and frequency of your ads.

The internet advertising tools offered by the major search engines are design to be easy to use so just about anyone can create a campaign, but to make your campaign stand out from others and generate a great long term ROI, is a matter of experienced optimization, testing and research. eKKO can help:

  • Create an optimized end to end internet advertising campaign
  • Create optimized landing pages geared to each campaign
  • Help support and grow your brand throughout the internet
  • Help collect valuable data in order to make sound business decisions

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

eKKO can maintain and optimize your pay per click campaign and provide you with measurable & successful results.

Keyword Research & Reports

We offer keyword research services and we will provide you with reports of the data that has been collected in order to make educated business decisions for your next online ad campaign!

We offer a number of marketing services. Please contact us.

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