Web Marketing

Web Marketing consists of proper SEO, website design that converts users, paid search, social media optimization as well as measuring the success of your online marketing campaigns.

Internet Marketing Toronto

Web Marketing

Internet Marketing Toronto

Internet Marketing

It is imperative that you stand out from your competition when someone performs a search through search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! Our internet marketing services offer:

  • Online Public Relations
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Article writing & Syndication
  • Press Release Distribution & Optimization
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Media Buzz


Web Marketing is Effective

When compared to print media or any other (radio, TV, newspaper), there is no better tool than an optimized web site and internet  marketing campaign. Web marketing and advertising are the most cost effective, efficient and measurable ways to make your company visible and improve profits. Improved website rankings and visibility creates greater opportunity for growth and a high return on your marketing investment. Internet marketing must be performed by true professionals in order to out-perform the competition and make your internet marketing efforts worthwhile.

Online or digital marketing can include advertising such as banner ads,  pay-per-click advertisements, improved search engine rankings through press release distribution, niche article marketing, strategic link building and  link partnerships, along with social media marketing through social platforms and social bookmarking websites. With our internet marketing services, you can reach your target market and significantly increase the traffic to your website.

Online Public Relations

Online Public relations can help a company interact with the public through several several channels such as Google News or Yahoo! News. Internet PR is effective for several reasons; it increases exposure by targeting people who read trusted news sources and can open doors to new business opportunities by attracting those viewers to visit your website. It can also  increase traffic by creating a direct link from the viewer to your website, enabling readers to quickly access information about your company and build popularity and trust for your brand.

Brand Reputation Management

Having a strong brand and a positive image will directly impact the conversion of people that are attracted to your company. Creating a strong brand on the internet is an ongoing process and takes know-how in several disciplines along with the ability to apply that knowledge technically and creatively. how to add value with search engine optimization, web copy writing, website design and development, paid search, social media optimization as well as how to measure your success online is our main focus.

You might recall the scandal when you could search for “miserable failure” on Google and the results would return George Bush’s White House website. Google’s algorithm is set up in a way that external links to a website and the text those links use count as a ranking signal. The sheer number of people that created links to George’s page with anchor text of “miserable failure” made that site rank #1 for that term!

The idea of brand reputation management is to create a number of other websites and profiles in an attempt to displace the negative pages in the results to a lower rank and hopefully out of the top 100 search results entirely. It is extremely important to have only positive results when someone searches for your brand. Negative commentary can have a significant impact on brands and companies that have tried to build a strong reputation both online and offline. Our brand reputation management protects your brand on the internet.

Web Analytics

By tagging and tracking your website and  marketing campaigns, you can create reports that help analyze data, user behaviour thereby measuring the success  (or failure) of each online marketing campaign. Based on the results obtained, you can then determine where your money is being wasted or where more money should be invested. You can also determine a number of other metrics such as the location and language of your visitors.

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